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About John Landis Cabinetworks

About John Landis

John Landis Cabinetworks was founded in 1997 as a sole proprietorship, with John as the only designer and builder. Ten years later John remains the designer. and the company now includes many talented craftsmen and finishers. Even with the growth of the company, John manages to find time.to work in the shop alongside his fellow craftsmen.

Trained as an architect at the University of Virginia, John turned his attention to furniture building after becoming dissatisfied with the "hands-off" profession of architecture. John served a year-long apprenticeship and two years as a journeyman in fine furniture building before opening John Landis Cabinetworks in 1997. While much of the success of the company is attributable to hard work, long hours, and an exceptional product, the continued growth of the business has been at the talented hands of the craftsmen who help to produce the furniture. The craftsmen have been a part of the company since near its inception. The chief builder, Andrew Mickelson, has been building with John for seven years and while trained by John, has found his own techniques and styles which have contributed to the success of this growing company. While the rapid growth of the company has made productivity paramount, each of our pieces is still made by individual craftsmen, from lumber selection to finishing, ensuring the highest quality available.

While much of our work is ordered from our lines of furniture, the majority of work continues to come from custom orders, designed for clients with specific needs.


About Orders

All orders placed with us are built specifically for each client. We keep no back stock or inventory. This helps to ensure continuity in wood color and characteristics.

Please feel free to call to discuss design options from size to wood choice and finish. You may order from our existing lines of furniture or, if needed, engage in custom design work with John to create a piece designed specifically for your needs.


About The Product

Every piece built is client specific, based on your requests and needs. From lumber selection to finish, every step is carefully executed by a single craftsman.

John Landis Cabinetworks uses solid wood in construction of our heirloom quality furniture. We do not use secondary woods and stain them to save on costs. We have access to some of the most beautiful woods in the world, and at the hands of a skilled craftsman, can create your furniture, second to none in beauty.

Joinery, a craftsman’s true mark of skill, is done in the traditional manner of fine furniture building. Be it mortise and tenon, or the classic dovetail, each joint is expertly fit to ensure a lifetime of integrity.

Our devotion to quality extends beyond construction. The finishes are hand applied oil finishes, used not only to protect the wood but also to enhance the wood’s color, graining and warmth.


The Woods

Unlike large furniture manufacturers who use secondary woods and stain them, we use quality American and imported hardwoods. Our line of domestic woods includes cherry, walnut, ash, maple (both hard and soft, birds-eye and curly) oak. We import beautiful woods such as bubinga, wenge, morado, sapele (an African mahogany). All of our woods are hard and will not easily dent or scratch.