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The Pierced Lattice Collection

Pierced Lattice Hunt Tables

The Pierced Lattice collection came about from a fondness of the fretwork in traditional furniture with a desire to do something new. While the dining table leg was our starting point, the entire collection springs from the lattice design. Cabinetry has inset lattice work and the Pierced Back chairs have picked up the arches and voids in its ergonomically pleasing back splat. While hours of work go into each individually hand cut lattice, the visual interest of the dining table leg is the pay off. We then add a string inlay to the border on the top. While this collection was designed nearly ten years ago, the Pierced Lattice design remains one of our most popular, and is certainly our favorite to build.

Hunt table (60" x 42" x 22") - $4,500.