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The Lay Collection was designed in response to a customer desiring a simple design but wanting something more visually interesting than the simple Shaker design could offer.

The Lay collection is marked by a subtlety of curves and soft edges. The tell tale circle silhouette cutout of the legs provides just a hint of interest at the point of joinery. Surface edges like dining tables and dresser tops have been rounded over and smoothed. Doors are flat panel within a frame and drawer faces a simple plane.

The simplicity of the Lay chair, with its curved single back, is a perfect compliment to the Lay table.



The Everitt collection is the newest in our lines of bedroom furniture. The collection features subtle curves, beautiful use of solid wood panels and pegged joinery. The drawers slide wood on wood, ensuring a lifetime of smooth function. When built using a single wood the collection has a rather Arts and Crafts feel. With a combination of woods, there is a distinctly modern feel to the collection.



Our latest line of dining tables, the Brigham table is a variation on the classic trestle base design. We have created a center "tray", housed inside the table in which two 20" leaves are stored. The top opens and closes with ease, riding on 400 lb capacity slides. This design lends itself to alternate forms, ranging from a classic Arts and Crafts, to Mission, to contemporary. For the first time, a collection refers to the table's technology, not its appearance. Therefore, cabinetry and side tables are designed around the table and each "new" adaptation of the technology opens new possibilities. Explore your direction and have a unique dining set built just for you..



The Recessed Panel Collection has been our most popular over the years. This collection is characterized by mitered molding and a detail we call trace; the single band of accent wood that flows below aprons and around the legs. The Recessed Panel Collection can appear very contemporary if using a mixture of woods and colors, but feel right at home in a traditional setting if more subtle wood tones are chosen. The design which started as just a dining room set now includes tables of all types and cabinetry for every room in the home.



The Garver Collection is one of our most established. The collection was developed completely from the headboard design. The design is a hybrid of Asian influences and the American Bungalow style. The bed highlights inverted curves and wood paneling. Cabinetry is characterized by the inverted tapered legs and the arch picked up from the bed. This design, in addition to bedroom pieces, has been done in media centers and computer work stations.



Our nod to the American Mission movement, the Laskey set has been called by some of our clients the most comfortable living chair they have owned. A continuous arm serves as the back cushion support and is what ties this design to the mission style. The design of this set was also influenced by the Danish designer, Hans Wegner. Personal fabric choice combined with your wood choice provides ample opportunity for individual style to come through.


Beveled Miter

The Beveled Miter Collection is in a class of its own. Stately, masculine, unmistakable, are just a few words that have been used to describe this collection. This is a perfect design to highlight amazing woods and contrasting details. The bedroom collection is a contemporary interpretation of early 20th century spindle designs. The pulls, alone, are a design in themselves. This is one of our most impressive bedroom collections.



The Keystone Collection came about from our modernized design for a sleigh bed. The 'keystone' element, highlighted in the center of the headboard and footboard is the anchor for the rest of the collection. Casework, such as armoires and chests of drawers, has the keystone element along the sides and the arch mirrored in the details.


Pierced Lattice

The Pierced Lattice collection came about from a fondness of the fretwork in traditional furniture with a desire to do something new. While the dining table leg was our starting point, the entire collection springs from the lattice design. Cabinetry has inset lattice work and the Pierced Back chairs have picked up the arches and voids in its ergonomically pleasing back splat. While hours of work go into each individually hand cut lattice, the visual interest of the dining table leg is the pay off. We then add a string inlay to the border on the top. While this collection was designed nearly ten years ago, the Pierced Lattice design remains one of our most popular, and is certainly our favorite to build.



Currently this collection is available in only a table design which includes dining, console, and cocktail. It is our most contemporary of designs. The top is inset, with a beveled edge and rounded corners. The slab sits above a sleek apron and leg that have been arched and rounded. The contemporary factor can be enhanced even more by using a mixture of woods from base to top.



Mission through and through, the slatted table and the Andreae chair are a perfect match to the contemporary Mission home.


Anna's Collection

Sometimes simple is just better. Anna's collection of bedroom chests is just that; simple. Marked by through, wedged joinery and a simple arched drawer pull, Anna's collection is about the beauty of wood and simplicity of design. Available in a low 8 drawer, high 7 drawer, bedside tables, and lingerie chest.



Bowed drawers and a curved top focus all attention on the hand cut fret work on this elegant console table. The fret work was inspired by a carving in a gothic French Cathedral. The table is available with or without drawers.



Originally designed for showcasing art ware, the Evanisko cabinet has since been used for china display, pottery, and a variety of unique art. With exposed joinery and dovetailed casework within a framed stand, the cabinet is, itself, on display.


Custom Cabinetry

In no other category of furniture building do we experience customization of a design as we do in cabinetry. Every client has a different need for cabinetry and we are happy to accommodate. All of our cabinet work is customizable from dining room buffets and china cabinets, where drawers and doors, shelves and display space are a consideration, to home office desks where file drawers, storage space, CPUs and their peripherals are of paramount concern. Use our portfolio as a launching pad of ideas and tweak those ideas to any configuration you need.