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The Recessed Panel Collection

Recessed Panel Dining Tables

The Recessed Panel Dining table is our most popular design. The highly detailed apron has beveled molding throughout, interrupted by vertical medallions mid apron as well as inset into the legs’ corners. A “trace” wraps around the entire table adding yet another layer of detail.

For the Round Recessed Panel Dining Table , we have curved the apron to follow the curve of the top. The molding, the trace and the medallions all follow the curve of the apron; one of our most complicated and beautiful feats of craftsmanship.

Fixed Top Dining Table - $5,600+
Fixed Top Round Dining Table 56" - $5,600+
Center Leaf Dining Table w/Two 20" Leaves - $6,800+
Buffet - $5,300+
Side Server - $5,200+