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Warranty / Furniture Care


We guarantee our product’s structural integrity to the original owner for life. Should our furniture fail because of workmanship or material flaws, we will repair or replace it.


Furniture Care

While we use hand applied oils on our pieces there is no maintenance required by our clients on any of our pieces. Care and common sense are all that is necessary to provide a life time of beauty.

We top coat our horizontal surfaces (dining table tops and buffets, as an example) with paste wax to provide another layer of protection against every day wear and carelessness. Depending on use, the client may be encouraged to apply further coats of wax perhaps as frequently as annually to ensure that protection.

Dusting can be done with a furniture polish sprayed into the rag and wiped with the grain.

Dining tables can be washed with soap and water. Just be sure to dry the surface.

Alcohol and water spills will not harm the finish as long as they are wiped up.

Heat too hot to touch will damage a finish. If a pan or server is too hot for your hand, place the server on a trivet.